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Transportable Heavy Chassis

E2A has unique testing solutions for both heavy and medium-duty applications. E2A owns and operates one of the only mobile heavy-duty chassis dynamometers in the region that is targeted toward on-road and chassis dynamometer emissions measurements of advanced heavy-duty engines.

Our mobile solutions provide transportable flexibility with full CVS laboratory-grade analytical capabilities and enable new opportunities to study the impact of real-world environmental conditions on the vehicle, engine, and after-treatment performance.

The E2A Team

E2A’s diverse team has over 100 years of experience in the areas of engine and vehicle performance and emission control and is continually recognized as subject area experts by public and private sector stakeholders.

Customized Testing Solutions

Timely engineered solutions to meet the challenges of real-world testing and a wide spectrum of customer needs.

Our Transportable Heavy Chassis Capabilities Include:

  • Transportable vehicle chassis dynamometers with self-contained energy absorption and production capable of simulating vehicle inertial weights of 3,000lbs – 26,000lbs (medium-duty system) and 17,000lbs – 80,000lbs (heavy-duty system)
  • Fully field deployable – suitable for high/low-temperature testing and high-/low-altitude testing
  • Wide-range of vehicle test schedules, including customizable vehicle test schedule development and testing derived from in-use telemetry data
  • Laboratory-grade emissions quantification according to recommendations of 40 CFR 1065
  • Suitable for OBD monitor development and testing as well as exhaust after-treatment development and testing


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