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Heavy Duty Engine

While E2A’s heavy-duty cell has historically conducted testing involving on-road, diesel engines with a power range of 150 horsepower to 700 horsepower, the laboratory is capable of measuring raw and dilute emissions for a wide range of engines and fuels.  Prior projects have involved engines with a large array of horsepower, operating on fuels from standard commercially available gasoline and diesel to natural gas, propane, methanol, di-methyl ether, and a multitude of alternative fuels. 

The main thrust of this laboratory is to perform emissions research for heavy-duty engines fueled by diesel or natural gas.

The E2A Team

E2A’s diverse team has over 100 years of experience in the areas of engine and vehicle performance and emission control and are continually recognized as subject area experts by public and private sector stakeholders.

Customized Testing Solutions

Timely engineered solutions to meet the challenges of real-world testing and a wide spectrum of customer needs.

Our Heavy Duty Engine Capabilities Include:

  • Fully transient, motoring DC dynamometer rated at 800hp
  • Full-Flow Constant Volume Sampling (CVS) dilute emissions measurement system designed and operated in accordance with 40 CFR Part 86, Part 1065, and EU EC Regulation 49.
  • Raw emissions measurement of NOx, THC, and opacity
  • Engine and exhaust catalyst component aging
  • Ancillary emission support for non-regulated species and particulate matter – FTIR, MSS, and particle sizing
  • Customizable engine test schedule development and testing derived from in-use telemetry data
  • Testing support for OBD monitor development and demonstration, including Manufacturer’s Self-Test (MST) requirements (CCR 1971.1)


IUVP Testing
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