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Light Duty Engine

A highlight of E2A’s facilities is our Horiba Vulcan II Four Wheel Drive Emission Chassis Dynamometer with accompanying Title 40 CFR, 1065 compliant constant volume (CVS) emissions sampling system for spark-ignited and compression-ignited vehicles, as well as hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles. The dual-roll dynamometer can accommodate testing of two-, four- and all-wheel drive vehicles. 

The E2A Team

E2A’s diverse team has over 100 years of experience in the areas of engine and vehicle performance and emission control and are continually recognized as subject area experts by public and private sector stakeholders.

Customized Testing Solutions

Timely engineered solutions to meet the challenges of real-world testing and a wide spectrum of customer needs.

Our Light Duty Engine Capabilities Include:

  • Full emissions testing for gasoline, diesel, and alternative-fueled vehicles
  • BEV and PHEV range and development testing
  • Designed and operated in accordance with 40 CFR Parts 86, 1065, and 1066 as well as EU regulations, per EC No. 427-2016
  • Horiba Vulcan II Four Wheel Drive Emission Chassis Dynamometer for
    • Dual-roll systems can test vehicles in RWD, FWD, AWD, and 4WD configurations.
    • Weight simulation from 2000 lb to over 14,000 lb (full light-duty vehicle spectrum)
    • Accommodation of vehicle height up to 168 inches can be accommodated, and wheelbase from 70.8 to 173.2 inches.
    • Absorbing Power (2WD) – 230 kW or 308 hp.
    • Motoring (2WD) – 230 kW or 308 hp.
    • Top Speed =125 mph.
    • Max load per axle = 5,511 lbs.
  • Fixed- or variable-speed fan capable of simulating wind speed of up to 70 mph, per regulatory practices recommended in Title 40 CFR, Part 86, and Part 1066.
  • Environmental conditions are controlled to regulatory standards, typically between 22°C and 28°C. A hot environment can be simulated for air conditioning tests, per the instructions found in Title 40 CFR, Part 1066.845.
  • Customizable vehicle test schedule development and testing derived from in-use telemetry data
  • Integrated and portable level 1 and 2 vehicle charging systems
  • Electrical power analysis and measurement systems compliant with the requirements of SAE Surface Vehicle Recommended Practice J1634


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