Our Capabilities

Locomotive, Marine and High Horsepower

E2A offers a variety of unique testing solutions for some of the most challenging locations and job sites. Our mobile and dynamic testing equipment has been used to provide laboratory-grade analytical capabilities at some of the most complex locations such as rail yards, sea vessels, and high altitudes.

Our talented engineers have developed in-house testing solutions to host testing for large, high-horsepower engines that accommodate customized testing conditions and protocols.

The E2A Team

E2A’s diverse team has over 100 years of experience in the areas of engine and vehicle performance and emission control and is continually recognized as subject area experts by public and private sector stakeholders.

Customized Testing Solutions

Timely engineered solutions to meet the challenges of real-world testing and a wide spectrum of customer needs.

Our Locomotive, Marine and High Horsepower Capabilities Include:

  • Raw emissions sampling is designed and operated in accordance with 40 CFR Parts 1033 and 1065
  • Regulated and non-regulated species measurements including CO, CO2, THC, NOx, NH3, Particulate Matter (Soot) Mass and Sizing and Smoke/Opacity
  • Continuous fuel consumption monitoring using gravimetric and Coriolis-effect mass flow rate determination
  • Auxiliary power measurement using precision power analyzers.


IUVP Testing
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